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Suitable for Businesses and Lifestyle Influencers.

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Post Consistently and Never Miss your Posting Time again!

Suitable for Businesses and Busy Bees.

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Targeted Engagments

  • We analyze your target market

    We study your niche or business and filter out potential clients with similar interest. 

  • We engage your target audience

    We engage potential clients on your behalf to garner their interest and eventually lead them to look at your profile or product.

  • Location Oriented

    We also interact with audiences globally. Because the right people may not be limited to those around you.

  • Not just a Service

    Its a partnership! Social Media is essential, let us take this off your plate and do what we are good at, so that you can strive at yours.

Getting Started with Targeted Engagement

  • Select a Price Plan

    Select a plan that suits you the most.

  • Create an Account

    You can check your Subscription Status the next time you log in.

  • Fill in the Profile Form

    Answer a few simple questions on your audience so that we can engage them efficiently.

  • Watch Your Account Grow

    Take a chill pill, sleep and wake up with more followers!

Why Schedule Posting?

Major brands share on Instagram on average 1.5 times a day.

DowSocial says to post to Instagram a minimum of three times per day. Since images are super sharable, posting a little more often would be fine, too.

Renown Digital Marketer, Neil Patel, mentioned in a Forbes interview that Consistency is key as it helps in keeping your audience engaged!

The formula to a successful post is:

Quality Content + Posting Time + Hashtag Research + Consistency

With our Scheduled Posting service, 3 out of the 4 elements,

Posting Time + Hashtag Research + Consistency, will be taken care of!

Never have to worry about missing out a post during the best time again!

No matter how busy your work gets, your content will be posted rain or shine!

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Are my followers real users or fake accounts/bots?

Rest assure the users we engage are real people. Real enough to interact back with you.

Am I buying users when I engage your service?

No. We do not sell users and we do not advise anyone to buy users. Our service is just to engage your target audience and let them follow you in an organic fashion. Your followers may still leave you if they feel that your content is not something they like, because they are real people.

Are my passwords are safe?

We have a very strict Privacy Policy, you can find it here. Passwords will be keyed in only once, masked and stored away. We will not modify or share your passwords. The only time we need it is when we access the account to engage your users.

Will you create my content for me?

The Social Butlerfly will not create your content for you. Our service is to engage your target audience and lead them to your content. You are 100% responsible for your own content creation and account management.

If I cancel my subscription with The Social Butlerfly, will I lose my followers?

No, you will not lose your followers. The followers that you have gained through The Social Butlerfly are genuine people that follows you because they have seen and love your content.

Can I use my account while on The Social Butlerfly

Of course you can! The Social Butlerfly will engage your users seamlessly. Remember, you are still responsible for curating your own content, while we bring the traffic to you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Easy. All you have to do is send us an email, here. And we will have your subscription cancelled within the next 24 hours.

Will the service stop immediately after the cancellation? And will there be a refund?

The service will stop after we have complete the cycle (30 days) for your months payment. eg. If you cancel on the 2nd day of the cycle, we will complete the remaining cycle of 28 days before the service ends. And with that, there is no point in us doing a refund.

Can I change my Username?

Sure. All you have to do is send a request here with your details of the current username and new username. Please allow us 2 to 3 business days to get that done.

How do I change my Payment Details?

Click HERE

And follow the steps in this PDF