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Instagram Basics power by TSB

Instagram Basics

Before we get started in anything, let me share my perspective as an Instagram Growth Consultant.

In our line, we have seen many people succeed and failed, companies or individuals alike.

We then begin to draw parallels amongst these 2 groups of people and are able to classify them as such



I believe most of you are ACTION TAKERs, because must searched for help online and in one way or another it leads you to this article. You recognise that you require help and/or has joined at least 1 Instagram Growth forum.

If you haven't, we invite you to join our Free Support FB Group here!

So why do most people fail on Instagram?

a) some of them have no clue how to gain followers. They think that by posting good content and nice photos with some hashtags will give them natural followers growth.

b) some of them knows a little on how to become successful, but they are not getting the results that they were expecting.

c) some has been at it for a while, bought tonnes of Instagram growth guides, fill the post with many hashtags, bought fake accounts (a big no-no), bought fake/bot likes (another big no-no) and somehow still not achieve their celebrity status account.

After awhile, people in the above categories give up and stop.

My point is, there is no hard and fast rule in growing your Instagram. All accounts are built differently and there is no 1 cookie cutter that can be applied to all accounts. You have to keep searching the web for answers a learn constantly with the ever changing algorithm!

Thus we have created a group to share what we know and hopefully gain from some of the members experience. 

We have also created some guides, so that you will have a clearer picture of how Instagram works and eventually find an effiecient way to grow your own account.

The most important rule of all is never to stop trying. The method you are using now may work but as time passes it may fail, because the algorithm is always updating and humans have to keep trying to find ways to make the algorithm in our favour!


Enough of this PEP talk and lets get our hands dirty!


The first and most important question that will decide the destiny of your Instagram account.

I would say go for the niche that you have passion about, because with that you will have a lot of content on that topic and its easier to grow because with passion, 70% of the game is won!

But there are factors that you may want to consider too.

1) Is it for business or personal

2) whats the end goal, just for fame or to eventually monetise the account (being and influencer to get paid ads/sponsored items in kind, selling shoutouts, using it just for generating traffic to business website)

3) do i have friends with large followers in the same niche that I can leverage on (least important)

Also understand this, having passion for a niche, doesn't mean you can monetise it (but don't let this kill your dream). Do research on similar niches and see how they are able to monetise their account.

For business, its pretty straightforward. Else, you have to continue asking yourself, what do you see Instagram as, what can I offer to my audience, then you decide on a niche.


Choose a username that is easy to remember. If possible add your niche in it as it helps with Instagram searches.

So for example if you are in travel niche, you may want to choose something like @travelwithjim or @jimtraveller, etc... rather than @iamjim.

Why? Because when someone searches for "travel" or "traveller", it is more likely to hit your name or find your name in the Instagram search list. Whereas, @iamjim, its harder to find unless people already know your handle.

If possible avoid using periods, underscore, numbers and use a short name instead of a long one.

For business accounts, choose something that is as close to your business name as possible.

If you have no idea on which name to use. Here is a trick.

We use to help us generate possible usernames.


The most important part of the Bio is the NAME. Many of us will literally put in our real life name.

But I beg you not.

Search words related to you niche which has the post. Eg, travel, adventure, holiday, etc.

Use the 3 most widely used keywords. Preferably something different from your Username but still relevant to your niche.

Think of your username and name as the seo keywords for Instagram.

Below is a case study.

Username: @amazing.nomads

Instagram Bio power by TSB

Notice they use a total of 5 different keywords for their Username and Name. 

  1. amazing - 203 million posts
  2. nomads - 395k posts
  3. travel - 242 million posts
  4. nature - 284 million posts
  5. adventure - 53 million posts

And 2 emojis related to their niche.

  1. ✈️ - 723k posts
  2. 🌴 - 672k posts

*Note that for Name, you can use up to a max. of 30 characters including spaces.*

The reason why you use high post counts keywords is because not only are they the most frequently used hashtags, they are also highly searched. So you want to rank high in those. And you want to appear in all relevant keyword search that leads them to your page.

So lets take a look at the results below. Notice that they appear on the search list on whichever keywords are typed. (accounts that post most recent or often and has more engagement ranks higher)

amazing search powered by the social butlerflynomads search powered by the social butlerflytravel search powered by the social butlerflynature search powered by the social butlerflyadventure search powered by the social butlerfly

This is a pretty good way of getting yourself noticed especially within your own niche!

Next, we go to the bio. Here is where you write something catchy that catches the eye of people and want to look at your profile. Be clear and concise of what your profile is about.

Some personal profile tells what achievements they have.

Commonly seen on Fitness niches are what kind of awards or personal trainer certification you have.

Travel niches, talks about where they are and/or are going next.

Businesses, talks about their business achievements, what they do etc.

In short, write something catchy and different from the rest and yet at the same time tells what you profile is exactly about.

Your hyperlinks and contacts are extremely important especially when you are trying to monetise your account or if its a business account.

Avoid using link shorteners like "", etc. Use well crafted landing pages or website pages as link.

Link shorteners were once abused by digital marketers and clicks per action traffic and now are considered spammy to Instagram. Using those may affect the score of your account!

Profile Picture

Create a brand for yourself, regardless of whether its a personal or business account.

Use your best photo, something that can show your attitude! Some used their cartoonised self, some use there best yoga pose or fitness pose.

Remember, because its a very small circle at the top left corner, try to blow up your pictures so that people can see what you are trying to portray.

A nice profile picture tells people that this person takes pride in his work and is serious about it.

In short, your profile pic should

  1. be identifiable from your mobile screen
  2. unique, creative and tells about your attitude/character/personality whatever you call it
  3. eye catching

If you can't design your own, go Fiver and get someone to do it for you at 5 bucks!

So now, you should be able to 

  1. identify what niche you want to be
  2. get a username that could rank you high up in the Instagram SEO
  3. write a name that will rank you high up in the Instagram SEO
  4. curate the bio that tells what your profile is all about, the services/products your company provides, the achievements you have in a catchy way
  5. get a meaningful profile picture or logo

There you go! A structure guide to fully optimise your Profile Information!

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