What are Power Likes?

PowerLikes are simply likes from Instagram accounts with a large follower base. We have a massive network consisting of accounts ranging from 3k followers to 1M followers! The way PowerLikes work is that once these accounts with substantial followers like your post, it gets exposed to their their entire follower base. This is all done by the Instagram’s algorithm which showcases your post on the “Explore Page” of their followers.

If they engage on your post, it then appears on their explore page and in turn forms a huge spiral. This effect is called going “Viral”.

Our service provides multiple hundreds of PowerLikes from such big accounts to put you in front of a network consisting of 108M+ followers. Yes, you read that right! The higher quality service you opt for, the more exposure you get!

However, it should be kept in mind that it is not always about quantity! Why is that? Well, if the 100k account does not have many active followers, there will be no one to engage with on your post. That just renders to a useless Like. It will not help you go Viral. Thus, we ensure that all the PowerLikes coming from us are Active Users!

Our PowerLikers have a minimum post requirement every week and they have to meet a certain level of engagement per post.

To summarize, PowerLikes will get you ultimate exposure on the famous “Explore Page” all around the world and all you have to do is purchase our service and leave it to us to set you up with the best network possible with high quality accounts with an enormous follower base! Your only job would be to post and see your notifications buzzing every second! If you have any further queries regarding the usage of PowerLikes, our support team would be more than happy to help you!

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